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Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud for SMEs

Cloud Computing has created largest impact on digital revolution and in about a decade has encompassed all walks of life. SMEs can easily become digital by using Cloud.

Cloud computing has emerged, evolved and transformed the world compelled by competitive dynamics, globalization, need to optimize costs and mobility. From simple use of Internet the transformation is now being driven by end-to-end “Digital” and “Digital Economies” are reality of today. For SMEs cloud computing is a boon in many ways. It provides them with flexibility to choose from large number of options, size and scale solutions as per their needs, get necessary and sufficient redundancy and protection. SMEs can now create global organisations with ease.

How is Cloud useful for SMEs

Cloud helps SMEs in many ways much more than it does for large enterprises. Most importantly cloud helps SMEs to do away with creating a captive infrastructure and associated investments.

Pay as you go
Pay for what you use. Start small and increase usage. Use Opex Model instead of using Capex.
Redundancy & Disaster Recovery
Built-in Redundancies allow for easy and reliable disaster recovery for business continuity.
By very nature of Cloud, any application or resource can be easily scaled up or down quickly
Dedicated or Virtual Private Servers
Rent a server or select computing, core, and RAM resources you need with hourly/monthly billing model
Ease of Use
Access from any device, anywhere
Data Back Up
Creates copies of your data off-site
100% safe & secure with controls in owner's hand
Multiple Service Models & Offering
Sky is the limit - IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, mBaaS
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What we do for SMEs in Cloud computing?

DigitalSME.in provides following services on cloud targeted to help SMEs. We help you in selecting/architecture the right solution and then implement it. Presently we offer multiple solutions and services

Cloud Consulting & Solutions
Explore our offerings and get best solutions structured for you by our experts.
Cloud Integration
We help build and integrate heterogeneous platforms across application and infrastructure.
Cloud Migration
We help in cloud migration with least risk and achieve uninterrupted operations and continuity
Cloud Manage
With our partner network we help you in 24X7 management of your cloud resources with expertise.
Cloud Deployment
Improve business operations with agility and efficiency simply by cloud automation technology.
Cloud Security
We help you get full security implementation with advanced technology and best practices.
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Cloud Service Portfolio

We deal with our partners in following cloud technologies and brands.

Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure

Control S


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