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Tally ERP On Cloud 

What is Tally on Cloud?

Tally ERP 9 Silver (Single user) or Gold (multi-user) when hosted on a cloud server for access by users from anywhere using internet is called Tally on Cloud. 

Can I migrate my existing on premises Tally ERP on Cloud?

Yes, you can migrate your Tally ERP 9 application on a cloud server. It is fully secure and hassle free. The only difference being instead of being in your office premises it will be hosted on cloud.

This way Tally ERP 9 becomes a Cloud based application.

What are the benefits of hosting Tally ERP on Cloud?

  • Access anytime, anywhere from any device
  • Highly Scalable
  • Real-time data
  • Back-up
  • Generate and print any report 24X7
  • Ultimate security
  • Managed Services

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Hosted on World Class SpectraCloud infrastructure with 99.9% uptime. Your TallyERP is up & running 24/7; securely available wherever you are. You may also shut down or power on your server any time from our management portal. You are in full control.

Backup of data

You may require applications like Kingsoft Office, Open Office. These applications can be made available at no extra cost. For Microsoft Office, extra charges may apply.

Highly Scalable

Upgradation of Users / Resources is as easy as you can think. You may require more users as your company grows. Just give us a call and we will upgrade your plan as per your requirement. Scalability is just a call away.

Remote Printing

Thanks to AppAnywhere Universal Printing. You can create Invoices, Ledgers, etc. in Busy running on Cloud; and print it on your local printer, connected to your PC in your office. No printer drivers required, supports all the printers.

Highly Secured

Firewalled networks, Encrypted Data Flow, Dedicated IP Addresses for every instance / customer. A highly secured infrastructure for you to be relaxed about your Busy & Data.

Local & Remote Disks

Import, Export or Backup your Busy data to your local disk at your office. As a security feature you can control access to local disks available to your users. JJust drag and drop the files from/to your local computer & server. It’s very easy to operate as you are already familiar with the Windows environment.

What we do to help you host tally on Cloud?

We provide you multiple options suiting your budget and needs to host Tally on cloud. We also provide

  • Set-up of your Tally on Cloud
  • Managed Services
  • Training

Tally on Cloud Hosting Options

Given below are options that we Offer for hosting Tally on Cloud.

Microsoft Azure

India VPS Provider

India per user plans

  • Pay per hour plans VPS Plans
  • With Windows OS
  • Back-up
  • RDP
  • Support
  • Plan starts at 2 Core, 4GB RAM 
  • VPS Plans to suit you
  • With Windows OS
  • Back-up
  • RDP or Web Access
  • Support included
  • Plan recommended 4 Core, 8GB RAM
  • Pay by user plan
  • Dedicated Scalable VPS
  • Back-up
  • With Windows OS
  • RDP or Web access
  • Starts at 4 Core, 8GB RAM

One-time set-up Charged

Pay Monthly or Pay annual

One-time set-up Charged

Pay Monthly or Pay annual

One-time set-up Charged

Pay Monthly or Pay annual

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