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Cloud Computing for SME

Cloud for SMEs Cloud Computing has created largest impact on digital revolution and in about a decade has encompassed all walks of life. SMEs can easily become digital by using Cloud. Cloud computing has emerged, evolved and transformed the world compelled by competitive...
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Get in touch with ease Global Center Set-up in India sales.global@excelict.com Consult: +91- 9650576567 Digital Transformation Services sales@excelict.com +91-9355448700, 9319854411 helpdesk: support@excelict.com Send Enquiry Please fill the Enquiry Form Last Name* First Name*...
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ZOHO Meeting

Looking for a Zoom alternative? ZOHO Meeting Your online meeting and webinar solution By an Indian Company Engage and train audiences worldwide through live webinars. Deliver presentations, record sessions, and download useful reports. Meet online securely to discuss, present,...
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Business Analytics for SMEs

Business Analytics for SMEs Using SaaS for BI SMEs can easily use power of BI using SaaS BI Software. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a model where the Software hosted on cloud. SaaS BI is have lower costs, less complex and easy to deploy. Using SaaS (Cloud) based Software one...
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