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SME Business applications are undergoing a Paradigm Shift

Software products are now at core of Digital Transformation

Software Is Eating The World - Marc Andreessen

Famous Quote of the digital era

“I will answer very simply that the Internet will disappear,” -  Eric Schmidt, Google executive chairman


In age of cloud, SME can easily get digitally enabled using a combination of SaaS or off-the-shelf Software for business applications.

In a digital economy even the mirco size Businesses need to enable some level of Digital interface with the economy. Also, Small and medium businesses want flexibility to operate at the same time they can not afford to remain out of  the digitally connected economy of future. They need flexible solutions to their problems that suits their requirement be it a ERP or an stand alone application for a individual process or securing their data and transactions.

Product landscape “SaaS”  and “of-the-self” products

The times of bespoke software development for any processes are over. Globally even large monolithic products are giving way to process or function specific or small, miniaturized, component based software products that interface with multiple options in an open source environment that has ability to create a integrated business application in a highly affordable way.

This has been made possible by emergence of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based software products or of-the-self on premises Software product. SaaS is specially suited to SMEs as these applications work with mobility and flexibility.


What is SaaS Software product?

SaaS is a subscription based model where the software provider (Manufacturer) hosts the Software on cloud and allows access to users using internet. Main features are
  • The user pays on monthly or annual basis a usage fee
  • One can easily scale up or scale down
  • User gets latest technology all the time as Software manufacturer keeps updating product
  • No location constraint, you can use from any where using internet
  • Highly secure as Software manufacturer reputation is at stake
  • Reduced investment in hardware
  • Less risk - Software manufacturer takes care of redundancy, backup etc.
SaaS Software uses
There are number of SaaS products available in India from Indian companies that can be used by small and medium enterprises:
  • Accounting, invoicing and compliance
  • Performance monitoring
  • Online tracking of assets
  • Education and training
  • Security etc.

Off-the-self or SaaS based

For almost every application there is a Off-the-self and SaaS product available today. SMEs need to understand the fitment of a particular application requirement. It is alwayse possible to make a blend of the SaaS and of-the-self products and make a solution that meet a business objectives.

What we do for SMEs?

We help SMEs to find and architect a solutions to their specific business needs. This may be limited to Consulting or may extend further to services.

When servicing, we help in identifying readily available Software products of-the-self or SaaS that meets a SME’s specific business requirements and then we hand hold the procurement, deployment and integration of various pieces in to one. We further train the manpower are ongoing tasks that may need quality resources at your disposal. Some applications may require customization, configurations, we deliver this along with our partners to our clients.

For those requiring a scaled up version that requires a dedicated team, we also build a dedicated teams in an IT Center managed by us, for your long term requirement in an OPEX (Operating expenses only) model and also keep your IT expenses under control.

Small and medium IT companies who provide the task of developing, integrating and managing enterprise-wide applications for their esteemed clients can rely on our services. Our services can provide you with a lower cost of operations without compromising on quality. The requirements may be in combination of technologies and may span in to different application areas.  

Our Partnerships

In order to build a solution from diverse business Apps we have partnered with many globally renowned product companies in both SaaS and OnPremises..

  • ZOHO One all products and also we work on ZOHO Creator
  • Tally considering SMEs needs for reliable Accounting Software
  • FreshWorks with its flagship product FreshDesk and all other products
  • Microsoft for Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure
  • Ingram Micro Cloud platform for almost every Software available
  • GreyTip for SME HRMS
  • AWS for Cloud
  • Netmagic for versatile Cloud Solutions

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