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SME business Software is undergoing a Paradigm Shift

Software products are now at core of Digital Transformation

Famous Quote on paradigm shifts in digital transformation

“Software Is Eating The World” – Marc Andreessen

this is already seen by us – Amazon, Uber, Ola, Airbnb, Makemytrip

“… the Internet will disappear” –  Eric Schmidt

Internet will be so pervasive in our life that we will not notice it

“AI will be eating Software soon ” – Well recognised

the automation is effecting all walks of life including Software itself

The world has already moved to Ready Software products from Custom built Software. Within ready product, the trend Globally is large enterprise wide monolithic products to process or function specific or small, miniaturised, component based software products and components that have an open data interface. This gives ability to create variety of solutions integrating versatile software products and components.   

This flexibility has been made possible by emergence of

·      Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

·      Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)


The SaaS and PaaS both offers models most suitable to SMEs as applications gives inbuilt ability of mobility and easy and rapid deployment and integration. 

What we do

We help businesses and organisations to architect a solutions specific to their value chain from best readily available Software products.

Solution Combining from SaaS or PaaS or On Premises (Of-the-self)

Followed by design we help you in:

  1. Procurement of Software Products
  2. Set-up and implement
  3. Train your people
  4. Customise and Integrate

Importance of SaaS & PaaS for SMEs

SaaS & Paas is a cloud hosted subscription model offering:

  • Pays monthly or annual usage fee
  • Flexible – easily scale up or scale down
  • Latest technology & Continual support
  • Mobility and business continuity 
  • Highly secure and less risky 
  • Saves investment in hardware

SaaS and PaaS offers number of options for all kinds of applcations: 

  • Accounting, invoicing and compliance
  • HR & Performance monitoring
  • Project and Agile management
  • Digital Workflows 
  • Security etc.

On Premises verses SaaS / Paas

For almost every application there are both On Premises (Off-the-self) and SaaS or PaaS product options available today. SMEs need to understand the fitment in terms of cost, flexibility, ease,  mobility, collaboration and finally business continuity . It is also possible to make a blend of the SaaS and of-the-self products and make a solution that meet a business objectives.

Our Partnerships

Main SaaS & PaaS

  • ZOHO One all 45 + products 
  • ZOHO Creator Custom App Low Code PaaS
  • Kissflow No Code Digital workflow PaaS
  • Microsoft – Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure
  • FreshWorks with its flagship product FreshDesk

OnPremises and Cloud

  • Tally considering SMEs needs
  • Ascent HRMS
  • GreyTip SME HRMS
  • AWS for Cloud
  • Netmagic for versatile Cloud Solutions

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