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Low Code Development

Digital workflows using low or no code SaaS

Low Code platforms helps in rapid application development both for web and mobile

What is low code development?

Low-code development is an easy, rapid and visual way of developing a workflow for a business process. The development happens on a cloud hosted platform. The code is not required to be written line by line, but with help of a visual, drag and drop UI that can be used by both less technical resources and technical developers

There are flavours ranging from low code where little coding is required to no code where no coding is required. These app types range from upgrading legacy applications to IoT-enabled smart apps.

All size of organization small, medium and large can use low code PaaS to either create a full digital workplace bridge gaps in digital workplace

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is a model where the complete development, deployment and execution platform is hosted on cloud, with advantages of offering lower costs, less complex and easy to deploy.

We help businesses and institutions in DevOps using low and no code platforms.

Salient features of low code PaaS model?

It is a rapid and visual -drag and drop type way of development and deployment. The platform gives full-stack DevOps capability. With build, test, and validate consistently, enhanced customer experience apps.

Ability to build reports and dashboards with real-time insights in to application resultants. Connected digital and visual presentation of real time data based reports enables effective decision maiking.

The modern low code development platforms also are powered to connect to IoT, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and others seamlessly, allowing futuristic expansion possible.

Helps you build an integrated digital workplace  with REST API and SOAP web services. You can integrate with other digital tools like Google map, SMS, Telephonyand third-party systems and ERPs and CRM like SAP.

Application reliability, scalability with simple configuration with total for total control. Security is guaranteed and enforced using technology, processes, and audit trails with strict requirements.

The development and delivery is consistent,simultaneouslyon all devices desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile. This gives a unified customer experience and identity and user management.

What We Do

  • We help organizations use low code or no code platforms
  • Design and architect applications,multiple connected workflows
  • Develop, test and deploy application on low code /no code PaaS or your choice
  • We readily provide services on ZOHO Creator (Low code platform) and Kissflow (No Code platform)

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