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Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails for speedy web-enablement of businesses

 Ruby on Rails is the most productive way to build web applications. Ruby on Rails is an open-source web application framework for the Ruby programming language in high demand because it has benefited successful companies from the speed and agility of building applications in Rails, which results in increased productivity and company growth.
We offer Ruby on Rails services to
  • Design, develop and manage robust dynamic business websites
  • Provide you dedicated development teams/ managed offshore Rails studios
Our service offering is unique. We offer an In-sourcing model, which is different from any third party IT Service Provider. We provide Managed Offshoring and setup Offshore Centers (Dedicated team in a world class facility with expert offshoring management) for you. Our focus in to provide success in offshoring. The offshore centers are set up entirely based on your requirements, objectives and even possibly on your taste and preferences. There is almost no upfront capital investment; everything is included under operating cost. Yet, you have full control of the offshore center where a dedicated team works based on your process and quality standards. We mitigate most of your offshore risks and deliver you measurable value. To learn more Click here.

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