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Managed Offshoring Service

Managing offshoring is our core competency.

We brings a dynamic concept of Managed Offshore Centers to support, especially in the SMB/SME sector. Most importantly, we provides the layer of management bandwidth much needed for managing Offshoring. The important Offshoring Management issues are:

  • HR – as people are most important element of offshoring productivity
  • Quality – which is of one of biggest concerns
  • Service level commitments to your clients
  • Offshore operational issues – HR Process, legal, finance, project deliveries
  • Communication and Relationships between onshore and offshore teams

At Excelict we focuses on these issues and bring you a customized solution to your offshoring problems. 

What are offshore centers?

Managed Offshore Centers is a three layered approach provided by Excelict. Layer 1 - A dedicated team selected as per your specifications. Layer 2 - An IT park type facility with uninterrupted operations. Layer 3 - Expert Offshoring management provided by Excelict. These are best suited for Small and Medium Businesses [SME] to provide low-risk options and offering advantages that may be available to large players in fully-owned captive offshore centers. Excelict mitigates almost all your Offshoring risks.
Managed Offshore Centers are suitable for
  • Medium to long term offshore strategy
  • Minimum upfront offshore investment
  • Lowest offshore risks
  • A value equivalent to captive or fully owned centers
Resultant advantages for you:
  • Minimum offshoring risk and high ROI
  • High control on your IP and Quality
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Focus on your core business - No Offshoring hassles

Our Methodology

How do we workJoint-Responsibility-Matrix

Where as Excelict executes all the plans, we work with you in a close coordination based on a joint ownership of responsibilities of areas to make the Offshoring successful for you.

We work through a four stage process in each of following areas.

  • HR – Setting up dedicated teams
  • Uninterrupted facility
  • Process – yours standards, quality, IP, security
  • Offshore-Onsite operational & interactions
  • Periodic reviews to monitor quality, Productivity and bridge gaps



Establish requirements with your team to the smallest details. 
Build & Establish
Project Management to setup Teams, infrastructure, facility, policy and process.
Manage Offshoring
Manage operations according to a written policy and procedures.
Measure & Review
Governance structure to conduct performance reviews with stake holders

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