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Captive Offshore Centers

Global Offshore Centers with a Difference

Also popularly known as Captive Offshore Centers

Captive Offshore Centers are fully owned and manged by parent company, established in offshore geography and used for global operations such as global IT services, shared services, back-office business operations, manufacturing plant for exports etc. They add value by virtue of cost saving with quality and IP in control and easy access to regional and global markets. The globally spread branches of your business can outsource to your own global delivery center in India. These centers have a full on-board management team, a legal entity established in offshore geography. There is 100% upfront investment in setup. Most legal risks are born by client with a tax incidence as per law. Hence, legal compliance, uninterrupted operations, right teams formations and Governance are key issues.
captive centers


We help you establish these global delivery (cpative) offshore centers in a seamless manner

We provide end-to-end or turnkey set-up of captive or fully-owned offshore centers. The service is not merely limited to the set-up; we offer the value of making offshoring successful.

Setting up global offshore center requires specialized knowledge and skills to maximize the value in long term.

Our services include end-to-end consulting and project management support to set up the offshore center according to your requirements. When providing these services, we include the following:


We execute the end-to-end setup in an integrated  framework where each of the below given module passes through the above four stages of Plan>Design>Establish>Manage.


  • Regulatory and statutory compliance.
  • Information and communication (ICT) infrastructures for global deliveries.
  • Team formation and development – HR plan, recruit and induct.
  • IT enabled facility – premises fit out & power.
  • Hand-holding and project transitions.
  • Operational plans, processes and stabilization (measured performance).
  • Governance set-up.


[Project Management practice based on PMI model is the basis of execution. A PMO is setup for the entire project on site with a team that takes care of your entire set-up in above six modules.]

The result is  >>a ready offshore center with the mitigation of Offshore risk along with the right scalabale solution.

What different models exist for setting up

There are various ways you can set up a offshore Center or Global/Captive Offshore Center in India. One can setup a unit in one of the Technology Parks, IT Park or a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) established by both Government and private players. The Technology/IT Parks  and SEZs offer a world class infrastructure.

An offshore center in Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is eligible  for incentives (tax benefits). Special Economic Zones of India to learn more about Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

The business entities allowed by Indian Law are:

  1. Proprietorship – and individually owned and unregistered business regulated only through PAN number
  2. Private Limited company – Privately held limited liability company/corporation, under Indian company law
  3. Public Limited Company – Publicly held limited liability company/corporation, under Indian company law
  4. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) – Partnership limited to private share units, under Indian company law
  5. Partnership firm – under Indian partnership law

The # 2 is the best suited model for a Offshore center in India. The entity can be setup as  a 100% subsidiary of parent company onshore. It is also possible to establish a joint venture and a project office based on needs.

The setup can be done in various models that may suit you.


The service is meant for clients looking for long-term value with a team that has a minimum of 20+ people. Our recommendation is a 50+ person team. Those looking to set up a small team can utilize Managed Offshore Centers. Click here to read more.