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We bring a dynamic new concept of Managed Offshore Center especially for Small and Medium size businesses wanting to upgrade their IT and reduce operational costs.

What is a Managed offshore center?

Managed Offshore center is a dedicated Offshore Software Development Center or an offshore Share Service Center  setup for an onshore company, by an offshore provider, without setting up a legal entity in India for the onshore company.

A managed offshore center has a dedicated team and infrastructure for one onshore company at a time and may be customized to taste and preference of onshore company. The offshore provider not only provide dedicated team and infrastructure but also provides the offshore management team and manages operations.

The Inshore company thus have no near zero legal obligation for running operations in India, thus giving very high flexibility.

These are best suited for Small and Medium Businesses [SME] to provide low-risk options and offering advantages that may be available to large players in fully-owned captive offshore centers. Excelict mitigates almost all your Offshoring risks.


What is our approach towards Managed Offshore Centers?

Managed Offshore Centers is a three layered approach provided by Excelict.
  • Layer 1 - A dedicated team selected as per your specifications and with your deep involvement.
  • Layer 2 - An IT park type facility with uninterrupted operations.
  • Layer 3 - Expert Offshoring management provided by Excelict.

We provides the layer of management bandwidth much needed for managing Offshoring. The important Offshoring Management issues are:

  • HR – as people are most important element of offshoring productivity
  • Quality – which is of one of biggest concerns
  • Service level commitments to your clients
  • Offshore operational issues – HR Process, legal, finance, project deliveries
  • Communication and Relationships between onshore and offshore teams

At Excelict we focuses on these issues and bring you a customized solution to your offshoring problems. 

Managed Offshore Centers are suitable for
  • Medium to long term offshore strategy
  • Minimum upfront offshore investment
  • Lowest offshore risks
  • A value equivalent to captive or fully owned centers
Resultant advantages for you:
  • Minimum offshoring risk and high ROI
  • High control on your IP and Quality
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Focus on your core business - No Offshoring hassles

Our Methodology

How do we work

Joint-Responsibility-MatrixWe at Excelict work with you in a close coordination based on a joint ownership of responsibilities of areas to make the Offshoring successful for you.  A responsibility matrix used is given along side.

Plan > Setup > Manage > Review

Managed Offshore Center can be setup in following areas.

  • Offshore Software Development Center (Diverse needs and Technology)
  • Offshore IT Services Center
  • Offshore back office center
  • Offshore business process operations (BPO)
  • Offshore shared Services Center


Establish requirements with your team to the smallest details.
Build & Establish
Project Management to setup Teams, infrastructure, facility, policy and process
Manage Offshoring
Manage operations according to a written policy and procedures
Measure & Review
Governance structure to conduct performance reviews with stake holders
Managed offshore software development center can be setup for any need where a dedicated development team is required for a minimum defined period:
  • E-commerce Studio
  • Enterprise or Mobile App
  • SAP back office
  • Diverse Technology Stacks Covering Java, .Net, PHP and other OpenSource
  • Diverse technologies and languages - angular JS, Ruby on rails, Python etc.
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